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Dr. Guy DeLoach | Club President
Brian DeLoach | Vice President
Robert Pritchard | President’s Assistant
Chachi Avirett | Experienced guide
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Noland Glenn
Logan Hall
Tyler Massey
Blaze Benton
Ashton Owens
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Explore the World of Fly Fishing at Lee University

For more than a decade, Lee University has served as a gateway to the captivating world of fly fishing for college students. Our program has evolved into a prominent educational center for aspiring anglers, dedicated to advancing and expanding the sport of fly fishing.

Our accomplished team is composed of FFI-certified master-level instructors, licensed captains, individuals with doctorates in environmental biology, and seasoned sports professionals. This level of expertise is the result of unwavering support and collaboration from our dedicated faculty and partners.

Notably, our major partners, Mountaintown Trout, their associated hatchery, and Bendabout Farms, all located just a stone’s throw from our campus, have played a pivotal role. These partnerships provide our students with hands-on experiences in hatchery biology, environmental impact, research, angling skills, and the knowledge required to pursue careers in the industry, particularly within the environmental and wildlife sectors.

We offer accredited classes in both beginner and intermediate fly fishing, with numerous students benefiting from scholarships to support their education. Our program includes its own drift boats and access to world-class equipment. Our research and articles have made their mark in educational journals and industry magazines. We continuously engage with the community through free training and educational projects, which are further enriched by partnerships with industry sponsors and non-profit organizations like Trout Unlimited, Project Healing Waters, Casting for Recovery, and various clubs throughout the region.

In addition, major contributors, and supporters such as Orvis, Mayfly Outdoors, and various industry manufacturers have played significant roles in our pursuit of excellence.

Currently, the program is under the capable leadership of Dr. Brian DeLoach, a Master Certified instructor, and a member of the FFI Southeastern Board of Directors. Dr. DeLoach is not only a fly-fishing expert but also a dedicated environmentalist with over 15 years of angling experience.

If you’re interested in delving deeper into the world of fly fishing at Lee University, we invite you to reach out to Dr. Brian DeLoach at [email protected]. Lee University is located in the picturesque town of Cleveland, TN, nestled in the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains, offering some of the best trout and fly-fishing opportunities in the country.

Stay connected with us through our website at LeeUAnglers.com and follow us on Facebook and Instagram for the latest updates and insights into our exciting world of fly fishing.


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